Science & STEM Safety for Elementary School Administrators



For Elementary School science and STEM administrators who want to build a safety culture in their school and classroom. This pathway focuses on the safer professional practices related to science and STEM equipment, apparatus, instruments and their intended usage in the classroom.

  • 100% Online
  • 1 Pathway
  • 25 Modules: 3D Printers; Animals in Schools; Chemical Hazards; Chemical Hygiene Plan and Accountability; Chemical Inventory; Chemical Storage; Class Size and Safety; Classroom Plants; Duty of Care; Field Trips; Fire Safety in the Lab; GHS, Labeling, SDS, Hazard Communications; Hand Tools; Heat Source; Laboratory Inspections; Lasers; Paper Airplanes; Right to Understand Law; Robotics; Rockets; Safety Data Sheets; Science & STEM Makerspaces; Science Instruction and Safety; Solar Eclipses; Ventilation Strategies
  • Approx. time to complete: 7 hrs
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