Safety Awareness for Science Laboratory Coordinators



For science laboratory coordinators who want to develop a safety culture in their science labs. There are many safety issues that exist across a typical science department that the laboratory coordinators should have first-hand knowledge about.

  • 100% Online
  • 1 Pathway
  • 33 Modules with the following Professional Certificates: AP Biology; Biology Lab Equipment; Biology Lab Protocols; Bloodborne Pathogens; Chemical Hazards; Chemical Hygiene Plan and Accountability; Chemical Inventory; Chemistry Lab Accidents; Chemical Spills; Chemical Storage; Chemical Handling and Waste Management;  Duty of Care; Evaluating Risk; Fire Safety in the Lab; First Aid; GHS Labeling, SDS, and Hazard Communication; Glassware Safety; Heat Sources; Lab Experiments; Lab Safety Awareness; Laboratory Inspections; Laboratory Specialists; Mercury; Methanol; Microscopes; Personal Protective Equipment; Physics; Remote Instruction; Remote Safety & Emergency Situations; Right to Understand Laws; Safety Operating Procedures; Sanitizing Equipment; Student Safety Rules and Forms.
  • Approx. Time to Complete: 16 hours
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