Chemistry Students Safety Pathway



This online pathway provides high school chemistry students with an overview of basic procedures and policies necessary to ensure the safe operation of their chemistry laboratories. Students will investigate common safety protocols and best practices.

  • 100% Online
  • 1 Pathway
  • 21 Modules with the following Professional Certificates: GHS Labeling, Safety Data Sheets, and Hazard Communication; Chemical Handling and Waste Management; Chemical Storage; Evaluating Risk in the Science Classroom; Chemistry Lab Accidents; Fire and Safety in the Science Lab; Chemical Spills; Chemical Demonstration Videos; Chemical Hazards; First Aid; Glassware Safety; Personal Protective Equipment; Flame Tests; Heat Sources; Eye Protection; Gloves; Methanol Safety; Safety Data Sheets; Fire and Fire Extinguishers; Eye Wash Station and Showers – Lab Safety; Eye Protection.
  • Approx. Time to Complete: 10 hours
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