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Jump into our FREE section of On-Demand webinar replays and short video snippets. Our typical Online webinars are 45-minute interactive video conference sessions led by a Science Safety Industry safety specialist. Join the community today to access all the webinars. 

Webinar Topics and videos include:

  • Most Common Sources of Accidents in the K-12 Laboratory and How to Prevent Them.
  • How to Conduct Annual Safety Inspections in Science, STEM, and CTE Laboratories.
  • Holistic Approach to Science Safety Awareness
  • School Year-End Closing Recommendations
  • Conducting a Science Instructional Space Annual Inspection
  • Legal Liability Concerns for School Principals, Administrators, and School District Officers
  • Science, STEAM, and CTE Programming Needs for Students with Additional Needs
  • December Safety Considerations for K-12 Schools for the Science & STEM Departments

* New Topics Frequently added, Live Webinar Schedules subject to change

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